Due to Covid, 2020-2021 school visits were postponed or held virtually. Currently, in-person school visits are being scheduled for 2021-2022, though virtual visits also remain a possibility. Use the form on the CONTACT page or email to request more information about both virtual and in-person school visits!

Connecticut schools: Planet Earth is Blue is on the 2022 list of contenders for the NUTMEG AWARD. As Nicole was born and raised in Connecticut and wishes to give back, discounted school visits may be available for CT schools. 



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Nicole is available for school visits with students ages 7+ (second grade and up), including college and adult special education programs. Her presentations and workshops vary depending upon the ages, needs, and interests of the students. In addition to in-person visits, she is available for a limited number of virtual visits year-round with students who have read her book(s) in their classes, book clubs, or local libraries. She can also provide in-person or virtual job shadows for high schoolers, discussions with small groups of aspiring writers, and/or career fair presentations for high school/college/grad students. These may be in person in Connecticut, North Carolina, and New York City time-permitting, or via virtual platforms for those elsewhere. 

Nicole has prepared 30-60 minute presentations on the following:

Planet Earth is Blue (all grades)

Writer Life (all grades)

First Lines/Starting Your Story* (grades 2-6)

Writing & Revising (grades 6-12)

Writing a Short Play* (grades 6-12)

The Road to Publication (grades 9-college)

How to Prepare for a Career in Writing (grades 9-college)

All can be presented as assemblies. Those with asterisks can done in conjunction with workshops in which kids work together, as workshops in which kids learn together but create independently before sharing, or done in combination. Any/all include a Q&A. Workshops focused on independent creation and sharing also include feedback on the work being created.​


Nicole has spoken to students studying writing, playwriting, and/or theatre at community colleges, universities, and in graduate programs. She is available for one time presentations or writer-in-residence programs. Contact her for more info!

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visit fees are dependent upon a number of factors (time, expectations, pre-recorded v. live, etc), so contact her for rates! Also, Nicole offers a select number of free virtual visits each year, lasting between 15-45 minutes for students who have read or are currently reading her books, including those in summer book clubs. With Covid, she is doing more of these than usual, but because in-person visits are being moved online, the time for these is somewhat limited. 


Pricing is a flat-fee structure and includes all travel expenses, though some are negotiable depending upon circumstances.

For local visits (within 2 hours of Greensboro, NC, in Brooklyn or Manhattan, NYC, or eastern CT) discounted rates may be available, especially for Title 1 schools. ​

Visits include up to three assemblies or workshops, plus the option of speaking with a small group of students during lunch and/or small group workshops with students. Small group visits/workshops with special education students are always ideal.

Also, if within 30 minutes travel time from each other, two schools may share a full-day visit.  


In northwest Brooklyn, NY or lower Manhattan, &/or easily accessible from the 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, or R trains: 

Full Day: $1300

Half Day: $700

Single Presentation or Workshop: $400


In NYC outside of the aforementioned:

FullDay: $1400

Half Day: $800

Single Presentation or Workshop: $500

Within 60 miles of 06241 or 28144:

Full Day: $1200

Half Day: $500

Single Presentation or Workshop: $250

61-150 miles of 06241 or 28144:

Full Day: $1400

Half Day: $800

Single Presentation or Workshop: $500

150+ miles from 06241/28144 (but still in continental USA):

Full Day: $2000-$2500 depending upon travel & lodging costs



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